Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What a weekend

This weekend was definitely an eventful one! Last week we knew we were going to be getting some weather which ended up turning into a hurricane which eventually downgraded to a tropical storm. Work ended up closing Friday and we got the kids Thursday night since we weren't really sure what Friday would look like. So better safe than sorry for drop off so we did it Thursday. Thursday in the gym Dave hurt his neck somehow and pretty much couldn't move and was in a ton of pain. So we have a injured Dave, a tropical storm and bored kids in the house Friday haha yeah it was fun!
Thursday night she got out some energy out before our boring Friday!

 Friday morning Logan and I ventured to Walmart to pick up some stuff for Dave and he ended up getting a truck too! I worked out for about an hour and the rest of the day was just simply a lazy day!


Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful and the temperature was just as nice! I took Teddy for a long walk then we went to the base for hair cuts and lunch!

 We went down to JI later and hung out with mom and dad! We went to Lowes and picked out our fridge which makes us both SUPER happy!! It is awesome and definitely an upgrade to the one we use in the apartment!

I will be buying this pergola once I save up, I love it!!

Sunday the boys stayed home while the girls went to church and after some lunch we met up with our Newmans at the park to play!



Unfortunately when we got home Alayna wasn't feeling well and ended up having a 101.5 fever. Monday we took the kids to their mom then went to my parents house for dinner. Alayna ended up getting sent home from school yesterday and tested positive for strep.... praying nobody else gets it because strep is so NOT a fun time!!

This weekend is looking like IKEA for me, mom, and Shannon!! yay!!!


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