Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stress with a big side of soccer

 Stress is unfortunately the number one feeling I have had recently and unfortunately it will probably continue until October 12th. Let me just say building a home is stressful and the loan is even more stressful. My goodness.... I am pretty sure this has given me heart palpitations or I am having a legit heart attack... either way not really a good time.
There is LOTS of excitement in there with that lovely stress but until we close I just have to accept this one. We are going to start packing probably this weekend. We don't have a lot of room to put things so packing too early will not be any help to us.

Anywho let's talk about something better shall we!
 Thursday night I had dinner with this 3 month cutie and her mom. We met up at kicken chicken like the good ole times when Kelly and I went there like once a week. It was nice to just be us girls and get to chat about any and everything.
Friday morning we had a legit fire alarm, I don't think there were flames but there was definitely some smoke coming from one of the machines. Either way we were stuck outside for 2 hours which was just an awesome way to start the day. I did get almost 5,000 steps on my fitbit by 8am which was pretty darn good.
We got the kids Friday evening then stopped by the house, first selfie in our new house with our new mirrors!

 Saturday was nothing but soccer, seriously we had a game and pictures in the morning then went back later for Logans pictures and game. The games were 30 minutes from our house so it really did take up the majority of our day.

I am not sure how but my phone took this by itself, I didn't do it but found it later!

Sunday started out in the gym after a mile walk with Teddy. This is one thing that has been helping the stress level for sure plus just overall good for me. I will miss this gym being so convenient but I am hoping to set up some kind of system in our garage so I can get in good workouts easily when I am short on time. Luckily for me I do mostly workouts with my body weight and 5-10lb weights so really it is doable but I do like to add in some extra stuff on occasion. We will see how much room there is in the garage once our cars are in there because we at this point do plan to park in the garage.

Please pray for us that the process gets lets stressful.... 21 days and it is OVER so luckily it isn't too much longer!


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