Sunday, October 6, 2013

Greenville Weekend

A few weekends ago I took the day off on Friday and headed up to Greenville, SC to hang out with my cousin and his wife. They are the ones that got married back in July that I posted about. I got up there and did a little shopping before my cousin got off work. Then I met up with him and his coworkers in Downtown Greenville. I love that area on main street it is just so different from Charleston. We had a few drinks with them and then headed down to Falls Park to see it less muddy. When we were there in July it had rained a lot so it looked completely different than when I saw it this time. He even showed me a waterfall to the side that we didn't see before.   

 Saturday morning we woke up semi early and headed up to the mountains. We stopped first at this rock on the side of the mountain which overlooked all of Greenville and you could see table rock from it. Then we went to Caesars Head State park. There were a TON of people so we didn't really stay here that long, plus the park isn't very big.

 This is us in the "devils kitchen" I have no idea why they call it this and am too lazy to look it up.

 We continued up the mountain to Dupont State Forest to see the waterfalls. I haven't done a whole lot of hiking in my lifetime but I am now in love with it. How rewarding to end up at such an amazing spot. This waterfall was HUGE and I loved every second of being there. It was fun to get to hang out with my cousin which I know will happen more now that he is back in SC. Living up in NYC took a lot of money to get to see him. I only got to go twice for only a weekend.

 This was another smaller waterfall we walked too. It was beautiful as well but nothing compared to the other one.

After hiking all day we ended up going into Brevard NC to get some food because we were starving. I think we ate somewhere called Big Mikes and it was delicious even though it took FOREVER to get our food.

We headed back to Greenville showered met up with his wife then headed downtown to meet some of their friends. We got some sushi then headed to a rooftop wine bar off main and it was awesome!! We all had a really great time and headed home around 1. Let's just say the next morning the last thing I felt like doing was driving 3 hours home. I wasn't hungover just super tired from all the events from Saturday. We had lunch with my cousin Alicia then I headed back to Charleston.

I can't wait to go on more adventures with my family! I truly couldn't imagine not being close with them!!


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