Sunday, October 27, 2013

Race for the Cure 2013

Last weekend I walked a 5K with a bunch of great people. We did the Race for the Cure to help raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. My friend Norrissia lost her mom to breast cancer so we did it in her honor. We had a much bigger group this year which made it even more fun. Friday night we had a little get together for everyone to meet each other, get our shirts and enjoy some yummy food too.
 How awkward do I look holding a baby?? haha one of Nors twins.
 Here is our traditional group pic for the cookout

Saturday morning we all headed dark and early to Daniel Island. They have a bunch of vendors giving out free stuff starting at 7am and it is always fun to walk around and see all of the stuff they have going on. I got there early, go figure! I am always early to everything!
 One of the window displays on the Island. I thought it was cool that the businesses got involved and creative with their windows.

 Above is our group about to walk the 5k and below is when we first got to the Island.

We were a little slower this year but we had strollers and one injured Wanda Warrior but we still had a ton of fun and it was definitely an experience. I am definitely thinking next year I want to wear a fun pink tutu! We shall see! Maybe I should go check out the Halloween stores next weekend and try to find one on clearance!


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