Sunday, September 15, 2013

Salt Life

I suck at titles for blog posts but this one seemed fitting! Sunsets, the harbor and being out on the boat. This is a bit of a catch up post. I got slack on posting these the last few weeks!
The fam and I went to the Yacht Club last Friday, they were serving dinner and we stayed around to hang out for awhile and enjoy the fresh air and sunset. It was really nice and the breeze was amazing!

The next day I went out in the boat with my friends and it was perfect! We were out there for a few hours on the back side of Kiawah and had a great time! I even went swimming because finally the water was calm AND warm. Normally it's one or the other. After the boat we all cooked out and had a few glasses of wine. I love time spent with great friends. I am truly blessed!
 We even got to see a bunch of dolphins swimming around. How cool!

Last wednesday night Kelly and I went to dinner at the Blvd diner then went to the Old Pitt St. Bridge, we got to see an amazing sunset. By far the best sunset I have ever seen. The way the colors changed every few minutes was absolutely crazy. We sat there for awhile in awe of the beauty.

Next post will be about my trip to Greenville this weekend! Most of the pictures will be of the mountain hiking my cousin and I did.


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