Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 I will never forget

Wow, Can you believe it has been 12 years since the attacks on the World Trade Centers? I had not stopped and done the math but it blows my mind. 12 years ago today I was in 9th grade. I will never forget that day as long as I live. The first time I ever felt unsafe in this country. Yes, I may have lived in a bubble and never watched the news but still. I found out during my lunch, which was very early in the day, about the events of the morning. I had history class right after and our teacher put on CNN and we just watched and talked about how we felt and what all this meant. I am pretty sure the rest of the day maybe even a few following days were spent watching the coverage. It blew my mind 12 years ago and even to this day it does. 

When I went to NYC over a year ago in March,  my cousin took me down where everything happened. The feeling you got while down there can't be described. You almost felt kind of sad which was rather shocking to me. I figured I would look at it like I had everything else in the city and move on. That was not the case, it got you thinking that's for sure. 

This will always be a day I will remember and never will be forgotten. 

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