Monday, April 29, 2013

Fear no Easel

Friday night my cousin and I went to Fear no Easel for a girls night out! We got some chips and beer to take with us! You can't forget the snacks :) We got there before anyone else which was cool because we got to chat with the ladies who work there whom were sooo nice! Also, we had first dibs on seats! We got the best ones up front by the artist. When we had a question it got answered first!

I don't get to see my cousin often because our schedules are so different. So it was nice to chat have a few beers and laugh at our painting skills! We thought ours were just ok until we went to leave and saw other peoples. Let's just say ours looked amazing compared to a lot of the others! We had a boost of confidence after that!! All in all it was a very fun night and we both definitely want to do it again!

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