Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bulls Island South Carolina

So looks like I took another blogging break! This time was not on purpose however. They changed blogger and it only works from my home laptop which I don't use all that often. Well it looks like I will have to start using it huh? :)

A few saturdays ago my friend and workout buddy Shannon headed to Bulls Island South Carolina. It was about a 40 minute drive from James Island. A few friends of mine had gone before and said it was a must do experience. SO we went!

You take a 30 minute ferry ride from the landing which was beautiful first thing in the am. Oh and the ferry left the landing at 9am. We got to the island and decided to explore the island before we hit the beach. Let me just say BAD IDEA!! We were all alone mind you because everyone else headed right to the beach. So here we are 2 girls alone in the woods haha nothing bad happened besides being seriously attacked by horse flies and mosquitos. We were losing our minds and it was hot and we were over it. Not to mention our legs and shoes were covered in dirt by this point. We decided to head to the beach. I will say if the bugs were not bad we would have spent a ton more time hiking in the woods but there was just NO way. I think if you had a bee suit or something like it you would be good to go. So we headed to the beach and on the way we got to see some gators. That was really cool we even saw a baby gator just chillen in the water. So we got to the beach which they named Boneyard Beach. This makes everything we went through before worth it. It was absolutely beautiful and so quiet. One thing I should mention the only way to this island is the ferry and not many people go. So you basically see nobody the whole time well most of the time anyway. We ended up laying on the beach for awhile eating our yummy oranges. Then we explored the beach and seriously it was just like nothing I had ever seen before. We spent more time on the beach but we did explore the island a little more before we left. So we were headed back to catch the 4pm ferry. Yes we were out there from 9-4. So we are walking making sure the gators are not moving and I about stepped on a darn snake! Shannon ended up throwing things at it and we waited for it to move. So we continued on our way to the ferry. We saw 2 more snakes on the way. Keep in mind this is 3 snakes in a 10minute time frame. NO THANKS! by the time we saw the 3rd snake I was DONE. I wanted off the island! haha Once we got to the car all we could think about was food. We talked about food for most of the way home so we ended up getting the biggest fry wendys could provide and chowed down on the way home.

I would say this is a definite must do attraction in Charleston. But take lots of water and bug spray oh and wear very comfy shoes! You will literally walk and walk and walk! Below are all the pics we took throughout the day! Such a great time and I really can't wait to do it again! I will just be more prepared next time :)

Well that is all for now! :) I will try and do this more often! Hope you guys are doing wonderfully!! :)


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