Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NYC Trip

Well better late than never I say! It hasn't even been a month so I guess it really isn't THAT late :)

So here is the recap of my NYC weekend!

I left on a Friday. Kelly took me to the airport and we had breakfast at the Early Bird Diner first which is amazing food! I got to the airport an hour early then heard they were giving away $400 vouchers from Delta to give up my seat on the first flight. So of course I was like have my seat and show me the voucher! Yes I will now be flying to STL for free later this year. Thank you Delta! So I ended up leaving charleston an hour later then was supposed to have an hr layover in DC. Well I got to DC went to get my seat assignment and they shoved me on an earlier flight. I was literally in the DC airport for all of 5 mins if that. I got to NYC at around 4 found my luggage and took a taxi by myself for the very first time ever. Yes I was terrified but it was an ok experience minus the fact that it was like $40! Anywho he dropped me off at The Wall Street Journal building (where my cousin works) and I sat there for a bit while he finished up the day. Afterwards, we left and went to an irish pub for a beer with a few of his friends. After that we walked around Bryant Park and saw the library where Carrie and Mr. Big were supposed to be married. If you are a Sex and the City fan then you know what I am talking about. We then got on the subway (another first for me) and headed to his tiny apartment. Holy cow their rent is INSANE and the place is tiny. It just makes no sense in my mind because I am used to nice big apartments for under $1,000. That night we went to dinner at Ruths Chris steakhouse and let me just say that was THE BEST steak I have ever put in my mouth. He had a giftcard otherwise that dinner would have NEVER happened. We had a bottle of wine too so by the end of dinner this girl was TIRED. I know I know a friday night in NYC and I am tired before 11. SAD! In my defense I had traveled a lot that day and the little bit we had already done wore me out.

Me in front of the library :)

Us in front of a fountain at Bryant Park

Saturday we woke up kinda early and had breakfast then headed out into the park. We spent about 2 hours and covered a TON of ground. I loved the park and next time I definitely want to spend more time in it but seriously it was awesome. oh and talk about a workout holy cow! Let's just say this southern girl is not used to hills.

One of the many gorgeous trees in the park

This is the Alice in Wonderland statue. funny thing about this picture is I yelled at a guy who would NOT move. Scott wondered why he looked at me funny but hello people are trying to take a picture MOVE YOUR @$$! Bad enough I had to get his kids in my picture! Good times lol

This picture is absolutely gorgeous! I loved this bridge!

The famous Boathouse restaraunt!

The Central Park Castle! Too cool!

The upclose picture like this is not blog worthy! Lets just say Sara still looked half asleep :)

After the park we got ready and went to see the Broadway show Phantom of the Opera. It was FANTASTIC!!! I had never been to a broadway show before and it definitely didn't disappoint. After that we went shopping at H&M, Hit up China Town for a fake rolex and perfume, walked through little Italy and had dinner at a Belgian pub. OH and we went shopping in Times Square!

Sunday we woke up early took a 30 min subway ride to get on the Staten Island Ferry. It was dreary and cold this day but we still had a good time. We rode the ferry, walked around where the World Trade Center Towers were, walked wall street, did some touristy shopping, Ate ridiculously large pizza and the tiniest yummiest cupcakes of my life. I headed to the airport about 5 that afternoon and headed home!

This one got out of order but this is me at Grand Central Station I loveeee that building.

Amazing tribute to the fallen firefighters of 9/11

This church simply took my breath away. It was/is right across the street from where the towers fell. Apparently it was the ONLY building within a rather large radius that had zero damage. And people don't believe in God?? How can you not??

Well that is my NYC trip in a nutshell. I could post a ton more pictures and alot more words but this will do for now :) I can't wait to go back! I may go around Christmas because I have always wanted to see NYC at Christmas!

Happy Tuesday! :)


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Holly said...

Awesome photos, especially the one of the bridge!

Also, a $400 voucher for delaying your flight for one hour is an awesome deal! I would have done that too, unless I had somewhere else to urgently be, of course. :)