Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Almost a month

Holy cow it has almost been a month since my last blog! I feel like a ton has happened since then. Some amazing times and some I would rather forget ever happened! I went to New York City to visit my cousin 2 weekends ago and it was a blast! I definitely would never want to live there but it was a good time for a weekend. I will have to do a post of just NYC especially since there were a good bit of pictures. I did include a few on this post! :) Other than NY life has been busy with the usual! Spending a ton of time in the gym as always and hanging out with friends. I would say one major thing was I went back brunette. Main reason was to get my hair healthy again since the blonde fried my hair. I even had to cut it a little bit but hey I would rather have shorter brown healthier hair then blonde fried not so cute hair!

My view of Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry

This was the view of some of the city from a top of hill in Central Park! Talk about a view and this picture does it ZERO justice!

This my friends would be NYC pizza! Holy cow I could barely pick it up to even think to eat it.


Spending time with Laura! We passed the Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile so we had to stop! The kind gentleman from Fazolis took our picture! :) Thanks guys!

OH and we had fun that night making fun of engagement pictures with the hearts! It took us forever to not have our hands look like a potato! haha


NEW HAIR! I miss my blonde but this works for now! Most people around work this week have told me they like this better! So at least I know it looks good :) We shall see how long it stays this color! I may not enjoy change in life but my hair color is the only exception!

Hope you all are doing fantastic! Hopefully I can catch up with everyone elses blogs sometime soon!! Hopefully I will also do my NYC post! We shall see :)



Nicole said...

That goodness I can keep up with you on FB!! & Yes please to the NY post =D & Love the hair.

Holly said...

That looks like a fun trip, and a seriously massive piece of pizza! Yum!