Sunday, May 13, 2012

Photos from the I-Phone

I decided since it has been awhile just to add a bunch of random pictures from my phone! There are SO many more but that would take me forever. By  the way I am actually liking this new blogger deal just wish it would work from other outlets. Darnit!
 Laura and I at Amanda's bridal shower. She is the maid of honor and I am one of the bridesmaids.
 This was after that at my sister and grandmothers birthday dinner. I loved this dress SO comfy.
 Isabelle being super silly waiting for her sisters kindergarten performance
 Laura and I one night downtown.
 Isabelle and me after my workout
 Beautiful folly sunset from the pier!
 haha I was being silly taking a pic of my super huge bicep haha KIDDING
 She was entertaining me when I was sick! Pretty girl!
 We found the Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile!!! Thanks Fazolis guys for taking our pic!
 Ok so this pic is funny! We were actually making fun of engagement pictures when people do this!

 Pie anyone?
 Gorgeous Folly Beach! This is such a great spot in Charleston

 One night at King Street Grille with Laura

 Silly picture
I love this! My new body pump accessory! These are a must otherwise my hands get all gross from the bar!

So there ya go a super random picture post! :)


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