Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gooooood times

Darn... the weekend is almost over!! This has been quite fun I must say! I basically spent the entire weekend with Laura well the evenings anyway!
Friday night I went to hang out with her and Shawn at his apartment! Pizza, Cake, Beer (woodchuck for me) and music! Good times! I like chill evenings that aren't all crazy every once in awhile! It was weird though because he literally lives in the same building I did when I had my apartment. Brought back memories for me driving up there and parking in the same spot I always parked in.

Saturday I woke up and did spin class which kicked my butt! I haven't sweat that much in a spin class... EVER! But it was a nice way to start the day. Then mom and I went shopping... had to return a few things at the mall and got a new sticker for my car. Removed the other ones... I was over them! I enjoyed some Sara mommy time since it is rare these days. Later I met up with Laura and we went to dinner at her brother and sister-in-law's house. I must say I had home envy... their house was gorgeous. No lie everything about it was to die for! If I could have a realistic dream home that would be it. Anywho we were there about 3 hours... talked and had dinner! It was really nice and first time I had met her sister in law and she was so sweet! A true southern girl! Then after that we met up with our friends Michelle and Randy for some darts, beer ( I had 2) and then later Jenga and dancing at another place! It was a fun night I must say! I am so glad I have figured out that I can have fun in a bar without getting drunk! I guess that is part of growing up huh? haha or just the result of a baaad night! either way I am glad because I literally only spent $4 last night and I am VERY ok with that!!
Today I hit the gym and now am just chilling at home the rest of the evening. You know laundry and cleaning! fun times! But I am not in the mood to do anything after this weekend!
I added some pics :) enjoy!

Me and my woodchuck at Shawns Friday night!

Laura's fat cat
So I am eating pizza... Laura wants me to take a shot of whipped cream vodka... I tell her no it won't taste good with pizza so then she decides to put icing all over my lips... haha no clue!
The girls at Icehouse where we played darts

OMG!!! She got a bulls eye!!!! priceless faces!
I look fat but eh its funny!

Oh look another woodchuck :)
At the second bar we played life size jenga. Their goal was to get it as tall as me. Eh it was close!
see.. its close!

So we were freezing and I am not sure how this ended up being a good idea haha but it was funny!
Michelle and Randy!
He picked me up and I was scared! lol pretty sure I was also trying not to show my butt to the world in this picture! haha

Good times with great people! I have been feeling very blessed lately for all the family and friends I have in my life. I have been having a lot of fun lately! I guess my days of being shy and a hermit are over. Live life to the fullest is all I have to say about that! :D
Hope your weekend was wonderful too :)

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Nicole said...

Look at you ya lil skinny mini! Looks like you had a blast, I had a very busy but relaxing weekend and ugh it was so short! 5 days to go! haha