Thursday, January 5, 2012

Festival Of Lights

I almost forgot to post the pictures Scott and I took at the festival of lights. We went with my aunt and papa but they stayed in the car for the picture session. It was funny because she saw them on facebook a few days later and said so THATS what you guys were doing while we waited in the car! :) haha we didn't say they had to stay in the car! The first one is my absolute favorite! I look super silly but it is funny! I was trying to act like I was a squirrel eating a nut... instead I just looked like a nut!

Pretending to be an angel... we all know the truth so stop pretending ;) HAHA


OMG it is a turtle! Turtles are my favorite!

boys will be boys... haha

yum yum

and... again boys will be boys

This was ALL sand... how crazy

like my house? yes I am in it... just look harder

I love this one of our new bridge on the water... So pretty! espcially with the lighthouse and the yorktown next to it!

Happy Thursday everyone!! It is ALMOST the weekend wooohooo!!! No big plans yet for this weekend... I have been having a very chill week. Been home the last 2 nights and most likely tonight I will stay home. I have actually been enjoying it! It is nice to just unwind sometimes and do nothing!


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