Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

Well guys birthday weekend was a success!!! I had the best time and it helps that it was a 4 day weekend!! So here is my recap!

Thursday I worked but after I went to dinner with my family and then went to the festival of lights with my cousin scott, Aunt Debbie and Papa. Fun times then scott and I went to Max and Henrys which is a mini dave n busters basically! Good times spent with the fam! It was nice to see my cousin since he lives in NYC and is hardly here.

Friday I slept in went to the gym mainly for tanning BUT I figured I was there so I should do a little sumthin sumthin. Then I went to see Amber to get a massage and it was awesome! Later that night Kelly and I went to Al Di La for birthday dinner which was yummy. I spent the rest of the evening home in bed watching movies. PERFECT! :)

Saturday was chill mostly as far as the day goes. I woke up had lunch with Kelly at kicken Chicken (had to have a mimo for my birthday). Then I went to get my hair done which turned out AMAZING!!! I absolutely LOVED the curls! I need to try and do that on my own or something like it. I then had a pedicure and picked out my birthday cake then it was home to get ready for the night! I had a few friends going to Suede with me to celebrate my birthday and ring in the new year together! Kelly, Me, Nor, and Laura all met at my house had a bottle of wine then went to Suede and met up with Michelle, Randy and Justin! Perfect group of friends to spend the evening with! We danced our butts off, had a few drinks, got to talk, I got to know Michelle a little more which was nice since we are still new friends and seriously just had the best time! It would have been nice to have a new years kiss but hey there is always next year! lol Enjoy the pics! Btw the first one got misplaced so it goes with Sunday! woops!

My super awesome hair

The ladies minus Michelle in the bathroom

being silly as always haha

I loved how my outfit ended up! I was out of my comfort zone with the dress and the heels but I really ended up liking it!

Very last picture of the night! Crazy hair and a smile on my face! Thank you to my awesome friends for making my birthday night so special! Love you guys!

So Sunday I slept in for quite a while. I got home at 3ish am and had to sleeeeeeeep! I woke up, showered and chilled pretty much. Then I went for coffee at starbucks with Kelly to re-cap the night before. She was a wild crazy girl so I had to make sure she remembered it all! haha We ended up talking there for over an hour it was nice to just CHILL. Then I picked up my cake and headed home to my family party. We had hamburgers, collard greens, rice and beans etc. and the CAKE WAS AMAZING!!!!!! It was a small party but I loved it!

It even said Sayra on it which is one of my nicknames haha

Izzy was IN LOVE with this cake! She got SO excited when we took it out of the box!

She wanted to be right by it and her faces were so funny. I should have put up all the pics just to show you guys her face!

me and my Newman's! Love them!

Monday I ended up sleeping in late again (exhausting weekend) and hit the gym pretty hard before starting the day. I needed that workout and it was awesome! I also put together that pic from my last post of me and my bro in law. I am so proud of our weight loss and I hope to keep it up and not slow down! I chilled at home for a bit then went to see my grammy and my aunts. I ended up talking to my Aunt Theresa for almost an hour about some things. I felt better after so that was good! Her and I have agreed we are probably the most alike out of the family love her! Then to end off my awesome weekend I met up with some friends at DD Peckers where Laura works. I got to finally meet her boyfriend, Kelly came with me and we met up with one of her friends. A few beers, wings and french fries surrounded with good company I would say it was good!

Now today I am working busy busy currently eating my lunch and hoping the rest of the day goes well! Thinking about spin class tonight but I didn't sleep at all last night so I may just go home and SLEEEEEP!!!

Happy Monday and Happy New Year everyone!


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