Sunday, January 6, 2013

26th Birthday

This birthday was definitely more low key than the last few years! It was last monday on the 31st! I went to the Childrens museum with my friend Shannon, her son and the little girl she watches. It was actually kind of fun but got a bit crazy towards the end. Wayyy too many people for my liking! Afterwards we went to Planet smoothie which is now sometbing i LOVE!! It is so darn good its insane! The chocolate elvis is delicious! Go try one :) that night the fam came over and we ha pizza and yummy cake! I loved it just being with my family on my birthday! We ended up doing fireworks which was awesome!!! New birthday tradition? I am thinking so! I did ring in the new year at Shannons drinking pom mimosas! Talk about yummy!! Overall I had a wonderful birthday! I did celebrate withfriends the previous saturday which Ill blog about soon :) I am blessed with amazing family and friends!!

Happy new year!!

<3 Sara

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