Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yes I am still alive

Wow I really haven't blogged since July?!?! That's just crazy! I have a new app on my phone for blogging so now I have no excuse! Plus I missed it so it will be fun to start again!

So much has happened since then so ill just put a few things! I am officially settled into my new apartment! Adjusting to that was much harder than expected! I am now a Government employee. I have gotten better at darts and beer pong haha and even shot guns for the first time. Now that was a fun experience! Ive lost some more weight which is exciting, learned how to cook, spending time with friends as much as possible, changed gyms :( , adjusting to having a lot less spending money and just having fun! This is going to be one of those super random posts but thats ok maybe the next will be better!

Kodie looks thrilled here!

I painted this at Bottles N Brushes! Sooo much fun!

Girls night out :)

Darts with Laura somewhere in Summerville

Me shooting a gun!!

My babies love them!

Grammy me and mom at a lobster dinner! So good!

Race for the Cure! Our team name was Wanda's warriors in honor of Ms. Wanda

Me and Nor! One of my besties who no matter what is always there!

Well until next time :)


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Jo said...

Welcome back to blogging!