Saturday, July 7, 2012

Recent Happenings

I haven't really updated in a little bit besides the wedding stuff. Here is a little bit of what I have been up to besides moving. By the way moving is such a pain in the butt. I still haven't figured out exactly how I want my room. I figure eventually I will have it the way I want it. Kodie also just moved in with me and he is slowwwwwwwly adjusting. We shall see how that cookie crumbles.

A week ago my little Lola turned 6. I guess she isn't really so little anymore huh? She wanted to go out to Miyabis with the family so that is what we did. She also got to go to Target and buy some fun toys with her birthday money.

 Random picture of a fat boy stretching haha look at those rolls

So for the 4th of July I went to the gym in the AM then headed out to the yacht club with Mom, Dad, Aunt Theresa, Mr. David and then some of dads friends. It was a nice chill time which I always enjoy. Nice breeze, ok music, good company and a nice margarita was just perfect for me. Not to mention some yummy food!

 This was kodie on his first morning living here. Think he looks comfy?

Thursday night my sister Shannon and I tried out a place called Bottles N' Brushes for the first time. It was SO much fun! They give you paints and a blank canvas and they just tell you exactly what to do. It was also great just because for 2 hours we thought about nothing else except making this painting look good. I think they both turned out pretty darn good especially for people who are not exactly artists! I definitely want to go again. They have so many different pictures you can paint and considering how fun it was I would say it is so worth it.

More to come later! Must find food!!



Holly said...

Wow, those paintings are really cool! I'd love to try something like that!

sarah - dodeline design said...

Oh how fun! I haven't been to Bottles and Brushes yet but I've heard good things. I'm trying a class at Spacecraft tonight :-)